A gift of Ancient India

Babaji has been teaching Shiv Yog Krishi since many years but he made a mass announcement in 2014 and since then opened it to fall farmers across the country. Shiv Yog Krishi is the first ever project based on healing of crops and food, that rippled across the entire globe with unimaginable results reaped by the poor farmers and the agriculture industry. Avdhoot Shivanand ji, known as the Father of Healing, made a huge contribution to the well being of the human beings, who tirelessly worked for more than 20 years in the field of healing. With his intense penance and hard work to win the grace an d blessings of the Divine after a lifetime of tapas, he decided to put this sacred wisdom of healing for the betterment of the world.  After close to two decades of healing innumerable people and teaching lakhs of people the powers of Shiv Yog Cosmic healing and teaching doctors, he decided that it was time for the farmers to benefit. In the early 2014, Babaji announced that he would now begin travelling extensively and spend more time with the poor farmers, not just educating them but also empowering them into the sacred meditation and healing process of the great Indian Yogis.