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Healthy people - healthy nations

Sick people - sick nations

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

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Save Ecology

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What is ShivYog Krishi?

ShivYog Krishi is the New Age Healing for our crops and food. Healed food not only helps farmers reduce costs and increase their yields but the divine food will prevent the food containing harmful toxic chemicals to be served on our eating plates. With the presence of ShivYog Krishi, the divine nectar food can be provided to…

Benefits of ShivYog Krishi

Thousands of farmers today practice ShivYog Healing and have themselves comes forward with the amazing results on not only their crops, but also on their soil, cattle and family. ShivYog Krishi is completely free and does not incur any costs but connecting with the divine powers of Mother Nature brings multiple benefits. Read on to…

Agriculturists Speak

After ShivYog Krishi began in 2014, it very rapidly caught attention of the agriculturists, who began practicing it. Very soon a large number of farmers and agriculturists came forward and began sharing their experiences. The results were surprised the nation. Here are close to 100 farmers sharing their experiences after working with ShivYog Krishi. Farmers speaking…

Research & Studies

Many studies were conducted on ShivYog Healing, where miraculous results were seen on not only physical illnesses being cured but also it’s very positive results on crops.  Researchers and agricultural scientists have joined hands with ShivYog healing to study it’s powerful effects on the crops.  Farmers who practiced ShivYog healing after attending Kisan Shivirs, reported…