The Best Way to Serve Humanity & Nature

ShivYog is a journey and not a destination, where each of us is being led by the Cosmic Scientist of Ancient ShivYog Lineage – Avdhoot Shivanand ji. In this journey, the master’s grace and love has been consistent on all his disciples, who are in so many ways eager to serve humanity and nature. The Master has been creating often the opportunities for all of us.

 We have been consistently getting updates on the LIVE ShivYog Mindfulness Farming WebCast events being conducted by the Master to empower the farmers who are the pillars of the nation. The results of them adopting ShivYog Mindfulness Farming healing energy on their farms has been so astounding, that even researchers who are monitoring the difference are spellbound. Whether it is the quality of the soil, the appearance of earthworms in it, the size or the quantity of the output – everything has been transformed purely by the cosmic energy, without any chemical invasion.

 This phenomenon is happening worldwide. If we try to imagine the outcome of this in the next few years, the possibilities are endless.

 When we think of this infinite cosmic power, let us also think of the deep responsibility and opportunity that has been offered to us in this lifetime to server others. This time, the need of the hour is to help farmers, through whom we are helping none other than our own selves and our children, because of the high rise of toxins that the current population is consuming, creating health hazards that is day by day on the rise.

 We have received enough from the poor farmers, who provide us with food thrice a day. Despite this they live in miserable condition and succumb to deadly diseases and debts, being forced to resort to end up in unimaginable sufferings and death.

 Instead of asking “What can I get?”, let us ask ourselves “How may I serve?”

 Being ShivYogis, it is time to shift gears on our journey. It is important to remember that our worldly and spiritual ascension happens through the prime principles of ShivYog Mindfulness Farming – serving humanity and serving nature through which we can truly say that we are serving God.

 We owe gratitude for each meal of our life to a farmer somewhere, and we can complete the energy exchange via the ‘ShivYog Way’, for we have now received a chance to repay our debts to our food providers.

Organize the FREE Webcast event which will relay the wisdom and initiation LIVE by the ShivYogi Master – Avdhoot Shivanand himself. He will be LIVE on August 11th and 12th from 10 a.m. onwards exclusively for the farmers and he will teach and guide them how to create abundance in farming through the ShivYog Mindfulness Farming. The whole lot of enthusiasts willing to reach this precious wisdom LIVE from the Master are working to reach this LIVE webcast to the cities and villages of India.

 You can do it too! For the process is very simple, because the farmers are simple. They need a simple medium to understand and learn the wisdom of their heritage, which is their birthright.

 Let there be bountiful harvests of grains, fruits and vegetables, untouched by chemicals.
Let there be visualise a radiant and happy farmer receiving more than enough money for all his needs.
Let there be visualise every person in the world eating a wholesome, nourishing meal and getting healthier by the day.
Let there be a greener, cleaner, safer planet for each of us and our loved ones.

Know that organizing the event is also very simple. Just visit

Namah Shivay!!