ShivYog Farming Free LIVE Farmer Empowerment – 28 & 29 July 2018

Everything in the cosmos is made up of energy. Due to the misutilisation of these energies and resources throughout wrong living and neglect to nature, we have been knowingly or unknowingly impacting nature. Farming is one major sector that has been negatively affected in the recent two decades, causing dependancy on harmful chemicals for facilitating crop growth, but indirectly ending up in creating high toxicity in the food we consume and thus giving rise to numerous diseases despite modern scientific advancement. At such a stage when even the soil has turned barren, water turned toxic, poor cattle health, weak seed quality, erratic climatic conditions, and mass crop failures have contributed more to declining farmer health and increase in farmer deaths. At the same time safe food supply to the increasing population now turns out to be the biggest challenge. Our children also remain the victims to such conditions.

But the mystics of the ShivYogi lineage of the Ancient Yogic tradition refuse to give up on this situation because this Yogic lineage have been the Masters in the practice of the natural and powerful Yogic methods for enhancement of quality of life and sustenance of life on earth. Continuing this practice in every area of life, the ShivYogi Master Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand has been playing a major role in reviving this ancient ShivYog Farming. He teaches how we can revive nature and it’s yields through the science of ShivYog Farming. Thousands of farmers are learning the practice and taking life in their own hands than succumb to the pressures of debts and ill-health. The powers of the Cosmos is beyond any advancement of Science and Technology and that is why ShivYog Farming has been proven to be successful among the farmers who have already adopted ShivYog Farming. To know more details about ShivYog Farming and to see the scientific benefits and sharing from agricultural scientists and farmers themselves.